We all must take utmost care of keeping a regular check on sugar levels, especially people with diabetes or high blood sugar. High blood sugar also known as Hyperglycemia, is a condition which founds when a person have blood sugar more than 180 mg/dL. Such high sugar level can be risky and it may cause various issues in the long run for the people with diabetes. Those issues could be bad eyesight, kidney failure, heart attacks, foot ulcers and more. So, its utmost important to maintain a healthy lifestyle by keeping some changes in our day to day lifestyle. To maintain a balanced lifestyle, you should follow a proper regime that includes regular exercise. To have regular strength training, you must go with a pair of best shoes for diabetics; there is a wide range of such shoes available online. 

Regular Exercise leads to Reduced Sugar Level

As we’ve already discussed, a healthy lifestyle starts with regular exercise. It can help you increase insulin sensitivity and maintain your weight. With increased insulin sensitivity your cells will effectively use the available sugar in your blood. It also helps your muscles choose sugar from the blood to maintain energy level and muscle contraction in your body. Great forms of exercise includes brisk walking, running, weight lifting, biking, dancing, swimming and much more with a pair of best shoes for diabetics which are mostly recommended by doctors.

Keep a regular check on blood sugar levels


An issue with high blood sugar is that it doesn't show any signs until it reaches over 200 mg/dL. So, it is very important that you keep a regular check on blood sugar levels several times in a day. Home glucose monitor tool is a must have requirement for people with diabetes.

Monitor Your Carbs Regularly

The body breaks carbs into sugar which it utilizes to give energy to the body. However, some carbs are essential for the body, there are others may lead to a spike in your glucose levels. So as to prevent spikes in sugar levels, keep yourself away from refined carbs such as white bread, pizza, burger, pasta, packaged food etc. to monitor your carbs intake.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water will help you reducing your blood sugar levels. Along with preventing dehydration, it also support your kidneys flush out the excess sugar through urine. Always remember that non-caloric beverages and water is the best form to stay hydrated. Stay away from sugary drinks as it can drive weight gain, raise blood glucose, and may increase the risk of diabetes.

Switch to low glycemic index foods

Researches reveal that having low glycemic index foods can help rapidly reduce the sugar levels. Leafy greens, sweet potato, quinoa, legumes, non-starchy vegetables, fish, meats, seeds and nuts are some best examples of low glycemic index foods.

Portion control

 This is an important key to maintain sugar level and weight. Portion control is the best practice to weigh and measure your portions, read food labels, use smaller plates, eat food slowly and always check your serving sizes.

Manage Stress Levels

Stress can cause increased sugar levels. Hormones such as cortisol and glucagon are developed during stress. So, you must control stress by practicing exercises, meditation, yoga etc.

Final Thoughts

Hope these quick ways will help you reducing sugar levels effectively. However, if you are diabetic, then, you must consult with your doctor before making any changes in your lifestyle or taking new supplements.