Foot Care for Dancers: Tips for Beginners

Dancing is a passion for many. Some take it as a profession while others take it up as a form of exercise. No matter what category you belong to, taking care of your feet should be the topmost priority. After all, they have to endure all that pressure and weight. If you are a professional dancer, you spend hours a day on your feet which can lead to any kind of wear and tear – from blisters and corns to cramps and injuries. So, to help you take care of your of precious feet, we have come up with an apt foot care guide. Whether you are new to dancing or a pro, the tips mentioned in our guide will help you keep dancing at your best.

Use padding

Create cushions in your dancing shoes with the help of foam padding. For pointer shoes, use toe-pads to eliminate abrasion and pain. Male dancers should try wide width shoes for men to keep up and improve their foot wellbeing.

Take apt care of toenails

What can be more frustrating and painful that harming your toenails? Toenails should be given top most priority if you are a regular dancer. Cut your nails before going for dance classes. Trim extra part to avoid ingrown nails. Use clippers to get a straight cut. Also, treat toe fungus as soon as you discover it.  To avoid fungus, clean your nails from time to time.

Take a foot bath

A short foot bath after a long day of rehearsal is perfect to help you cover. Pamper your feet with an ice or green tea bath. You can also have a warm foot bath with Epsom salts. Just like ice, salts are great to reduce inflammation and treat sore muscles.

Do frequent foot massages

Opt for a professional foot massage once a week to soothe and relax your feet. If you feel shy to go to a massage therapist, do the massage yourself with the help of foot roller. Simply move the roller on your feet before going to bed to calm aching muscles.

Take Care of your calluses

If you have developed calluses due to frequent dancing, take care of them. While many people think they are bad, the fact is that they are good as they protect your feet from blisters and abrasions. Just make sure to file down thick calluses to prevent them from getting harmful. Also, wash your feet and moisture them every day to keep this problem at bay.

Treat those blisters

To prevent blisters from forming at the first place, spray deodorant on your feet before heading for dance classes. If you develop blisters, treat them as soon as possible. Drain the liquid in the blister, apply an ointment and cover it with a bandage. Do not drain blood blisters; allow them to heal on their own.

Treat those corns

Corns often occur with tight pointe shoes and wearing ballet shoes without tights. Make sure to wear the right footwear before dancing. If you have developed corns, seek the help of a podiatrist. 

Consume apt vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for foot health. Consume a multi-vitamin that has vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.